Enjoy the Beer your Dad used to Love!
Since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, The Cyrstal Beer Parlor has been the place for the True American Brew and that tradition continues today. We are proud to offer these great, time-honored beers that our fathers and their fathers enjoyed so many year ago.

Old Milwaukee            (12Oz / 4.6% ABV)
American Style Lager. Brewed since 1849. Old Milwaukee is a beer with history. Old Milwaukee is a trusted, high quality beer that continually receives national awards and accolades from beer experts and festivals across America.
Ballantine XXX            (Ale 12Oz / 4.85% ABV)
Since 1833. Originally from Albany, N.Y. The famous Ballantine three-ring symbol ("Purity, Body, Flavor") was inspired by the wet rings left on a table as Peter Ballantine consumed his beer and was first used by the brewery in 1879.
Miller High Life            (12Oz / 5.0% ABV)
In 1903, Miller High Life hits the shelves and is soon known as "The Champagne of Bottle Beers". In 1971, the world is introduced to "Miller Time" and Miller High Life becomes one of America's best-loved beers. And since then, it has ranked in the Top Ten Beer Brands sold and has won numerous accolades.
Pabst Blue Ribbon         (16Oz / 4.74% ABV)
Brewed since 1844 and originally known as "Best Select." By the mid-1880s, Best Select was winning national and international brewing competitions. Captain Pabst took over the brewery, renamed it Pabst Brewing Company and began hand tying blue silk ribbons around the necks of Best Select bottles. The brewery's flagship beer was renamed Pabst Blue Ribbon following its win as "America's Best" at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
Schlitz                            (12Oz / 4.6% ABV)
Established 1849 "The Beer that made Milwaukee famous". It got that name after the Chicago Fire when Schlitz sent hundreds of barrels of beer to the city, earning it the reputation of "The Beer that made Milwaukee famous".
Coors                             (12Oz / 5.0% ABV)
In 1873, determined to find quality water, Adolph Coors treks into Golden, Colorado. He discovers the local Rocky Mountain water. Shortly after, he partners with Jacob Schueler . The two men opened the Golden Brewery, producing their first glorious beer.
Stroh's                            (12Oz / 4.5% ABV)
Brewed since 1850 in Detroit. A full-bodied American lager unlike most, Stroh's beer sports a craft brew pedigree. Enriched with hop varieties usually found only in craft brews, Stroh's lager offers a distinct and distinguished taste with a preponderance of Cascade and Willamette hops from the great Northwest. Pungent and pleasing, Stroh's stands apart from the usual lager taste profile in flavor, but not in alcohol.
Dixie                             (12Oz / 4.6% ABV)
Dixie Lager is an American icon. Brewed all-naturally today as it was first brewed in 1907, Dixie Lager uses lightly roasted two-row barley malts and rice. The result is a crisp and flavorful beer with a mild Cascade hop finish. A century of New Orleans brewing tradition lives today in every bottle of Dixie Lager.
Budweiser                     (12Oz / 5.6% ABV)
The "King of Beers" Brewed since the 1850s. Beechwood aging sets Budweiser apart from other American lagers.
Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor    (12Oz / 5.6% ABV)
A favorite alternative to a traditional beer! Mickey's Big Mouth bottle AKA The "Green Grenade!" Brewed in Milwaukee, WI.
Rolling Rock "33"             (12Oz / 5.2% ABV)
Rolling Rock has been Born Small Town since 1939. That's 70 years of Extra Pale refreshment! From the iconic horse painted on green bottle to the mysterious "33", which actually commemorates the that America repealed Prohibition- A notion to which we can all raise a glass!
Genesee Cream Ale             (12Oz / 5.2% ABV)
Where did your history with Cream Ale begin? For many of us, it was with our Dad. Let's be honest. A few of us first experienced Cream Ale sitting on our Dad's lap. And let's be honest again, for some, it was without our Dad. A whole bunch of us first experienced Cream Ale when Dad left the fridge in the garage unguarded. Whether it was with Dad or without, time has shown that he was a pretty smart man. His choice of beer was a case in point.

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